Who is Kevin Mejia, Mads Lewis’s Boyfriend? Complete detail

by Narendra

Who is Kevin Mejia, Mads Lewis’s Boyfriend? TikTok star Mads Lewis and her boyfriend Kevin Mejia posted a cute photo of themselves enjoying their vacation, but many of Mads Lewis’s fans were surprised by the photo because they had no idea that the YouTube star was dating anyone.

After her breakup with Jaden Hossler, the YouTuber made headlines, but it appears that she has finally found the happiness she’s been searching for and has moved on.

Following the publication of a new Instagram post by Mads, in which she gave fans a sneak peek into their relationship, fans have developed an increased interest in learning more about her boyfriend.

Who is Kevin Mejia

According to rumors, Kevin is 26 years old and works as a fitness trainer at Dog Pound, where he serves as the lead trainer. He is also the social media manager for the company, and he has been exhibiting his work on various social media platforms for a considerable amount of time.

Kevin, who has 77 thousand people following him on Instagram, frequently discusses the strategies he uses to stay in shape. Kevin is well known in the entertainment industry as well as in the field of personal training because he has worked with a number of famous people. He has worked as a personal trainer for a number of famous people, including Justin and Hailey Bieber, Adam Levine, and others.

Kevin disclosed his motivation for founding Dog Pound in an interview with GQ. He stated that he wanted to create a group of people who shared a common interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Mads Lewis’s Boyfriend Post

For a considerable amount of time, Mads has been making an effort to conceal the fact that she is in a relationship with Kevin; however, the social media influencer did not hesitate to post a few photographs from their trip together.

In the picture, Kevin can be seen carrying Mads while the two of them are having a good time together. Nevertheless, Mads’ post does not show Kevin’s face in any way. In spite of this, she made sure to mention him in at least one of her stories. Additionally, Kevin shared some of Mads’ posts on his Instagram story.

It is currently unknown how the two individuals came into contact with one another; however, speculation regarding the existence of a romantic connection between them has been circulating on the internet ever since May of 2022.

Mads Lewis and Jaden Relationship

After dating for some time, Mads and Jaden’s relationship was rocked by allegations that Jaden had been unfaithful to Mads. It was rumored that the singer had moved on from Nessa Barrett, according to the rumors.

Despite this, Nessa scoffed at the allegations of cheating and called out those who spread false information. It is not clear at this time whether Jaden and Mads still communicate with one another or not.