Who is Jorge Mas Wife?

by Anchal Thakur

Who is Jorge Mas Wife? Today, we will learn about a person named Jorge Mas. He is not only a co-owner and managing partner of Inter Miami CF, but also comes from a family with a strong business background. Let’s dive into his story

Who is Jorge Mas Wife?

Jorge Mas is a person who is married to Aleya Mas. They are a couple who share their lives together. Jorge Mas grew up in a family that focused on business and entrepreneurship.

His father, Jorge Mas Canosa, was an important leader in the Cuban-American community. This means that Jorge Mas was raised in a family that valued hard work and success.

Inter Miami CF

Jorge Mas is involved with a soccer team called Inter Miami CF. He is not just a regular fan; he is actually a co-owner and managing partner of the team. This means he has an important role in making decisions and ensuring the team operates smoothly. Being a part of a soccer team can be exciting and involves working with others to achieve success.

MasTec, Inc.

In addition to his involvement with Inter Miami CF, Jorge Mas co-founded a company called MasTec, Inc. This company was created in 1994, which means it has been around for quite some time.

Jorge Mas started this company together with his brother, José Mas. MasTec, Inc. is a company that focuses on different areas such as construction, engineering, and communication. They work on building things like roads, bridges, and communication networks.


Jorge Mas is a successful person who has achieved a lot in his life. He is not only a co-owner of a soccer team, Inter Miami CF, but also a co-founder of a company called MasTec, Inc.

His upbringing in a business-oriented family and his hard work have contributed to his success. It’s important to remember that success comes from dedication, working together with others, and having a passion for what you do.