Who Is Ethel Booba Husband ?

by Ekta

Who Is Ethel Booba Husband ?Ethel Booba, a prominent Filipino comedian and actress, has tickled the nation’s funny bone with her humor and wit.

However, beyond the laughter, her personal life has also attracted attention, particularly her relationship with her partner, Jessie Salaza. Their love story is a testament to the evolving nature of relationships in the modern world.

Jessie Salaza, an executive chef, holds a significant place in Ethel Booba’s heart. While the couple hasn’t opted for the traditional path of marriage, their bond is unmissable.

They have chosen to build their life together, not through a legal contract, but through a deep understanding and companionship that stands strong.

Who Is Ethel Booba Husband ?

The Ethel and Jessie saga commenced in 2017, and since then, their partnership has matured and transformed. While they haven’t exchanged vows, their unwavering commitment tells a tale of a profound connection.

Their choice not to wed reflects Ethel’s current life phase and signifies that marriage doesn’t hold the same priority for everyone.

Ethel and Jessie’s decision not to marry exemplifies the changing landscape of relationships in modern times. Their story illustrates that partnerships can thrive in various forms, breaking away from the mold of traditional matrimony.

Their journey emphasizes that love isn’t confined by societal norms; instead, it’s a personal experience shaped by unique choices and understandings.

Ethel Booba Love’s Evolution: Parenthood

The narrative of Ethel Booba and Jessie Salaza took an exhilarating turn with the birth of their daughter, Michaela, in February 2020.

Embracing parenthood opened up new horizons in their relationship, highlighting shared responsibilities and moments of joy. This journey into parenthood revealed the profound depth of their connection and the unconventional paths that modern relationships can tread.

Ethel Booba Defying Expectations

Despite choosing a path that might deviate from societal norms, Ethel and Jessie’s story defies conventions and celebrates diverse expressions of love. Their narrative stands as a beacon of the fact that love transcends traditional boundaries.

Their story sends a resounding message that love is uniquely defined by the choices, circumstances, and understanding of the individuals entwined in it.

In a world where the dynamics of relationships are undergoing transformation, the story of Ethel Booba and Jessie Salaza serves as a testament to the beauty of personal choices. Their journey showcases the significance of forming partnerships that align with the individuals involved, unapologetically embracing the diverse ways in which love enriches our lives.


Ethel Booba and Jessie Salaza’s love story is a reflection of the evolving landscape of relationships in the modern era. Their bond, built on understanding, companionship, and shared responsibilities, stands as an example of how love can take various forms beyond traditional marriage.

As their journey unfolds, they remind us that the essence of love remains constant, regardless of the labels or societal norms that attempt to define it. Their story encourages us to celebrate the beauty of individual choices and the diverse expressions of love that weave the tapestry of our lives.