Who Is Emma Dutton In 1923? Who Plays Emma Dutton In 1923?

by Rajitha Reddy

In fact, many people were excited when the first prequel, 1883, came out. Now, we have a follow-up prequel that takes place 50 years after 1883 and serves as yet another predecessor to the Yellowstone timeline.

Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren have joined the cast to play some of the most important people in the Dutton family’s history, but there are many more. Who is Emma Dutton in the year 1923?

Who Is Emma Dutton In 1923?

Emma Dutton is the wife of John Dutton Sr., who is played by James Badge Dale, and Jack Dutton is her son (Darren Mann).

Who Is Emma Dutton In 1923?

Those who have seen the first prequel series will know that in 1883, John Dutton I went to the north with his father, mother, and sister, James, Margaret, and Elsa.

In the first season, John is just 5 years old and is played by Audie Rick. In the latest season, James Badge Dale has taken over the role.

James and Margaret had another son named Spencer (Brandon Sklenar), who is John’s brother. Spencer was born before Emma and John’s son Jack.

Taking this into account, Emma’s role in the history of the family is very important. Even though her son Jack married Elizabeth Dutton, they didn’t have any kids, just like Spencer and his wife Mary.

John Dutton II and his wife had John Dutton III (Kevin Costner) and Peter Dutton, who sadly only lived to see one day. This kept the bloodline going.

Who Plays Emma Dutton In 1923?

In 1923, Marley Shelton plays the role of Emma Dutton.

On the other hand, she has played roles on TV like Hannah Gray in Manhunt: Unabomber, Gail Mazzucchelli in Rise, Dr. Alison Lennon in The Lottery, and Eleventh Hour (Rachel Young),

In a recent interview with Looper, Marley talked about 1923 and gave her thoughts on the relationship between Emma and Cara, her mother-in-law, played by Helen Mirren:

She went on to say, “It stops them from being lonely and scared that their men might never come back… You have to live not knowing if they’ll ever come back or not. So, I think that because of that, the two women are tied together by what they both went through.”