Who Is Daemon Targaryen Wife Rhea Royce In House Of The Dragon?

by Narendra

Who Is Daemon Targaryen Wife: Now, the spin-off series House of the Dragon is continuing in the same vein as its predecessor, packing its first episode with plenty of bloodshed and political intrigue as the Targaryen line of succession is called into question.

One of the most important characters in the show is Daemon Targaryen, who is portrayed by Matt Smith. It is made abundantly clear that he is not a well-liked figure among many of the members of King Viserys’s Small Council, as evidenced by an argument that targets Daemon’s relationship with his wife.

Who Is Daemon Targaryen Wife Rhea Royce

Rachel Redford will play the role of Rhea Royce of Runestone in the television series. At the beginning of House of the Dragon, Daemon Targaryen is already married to Rhea Royce of Runestone.

Alysanne Targaryen, Daemon’s grandmother, orchestrated the events leading up to the couple’s wedding, which took place before the events of the series.

As a result of the match, the bond between the two houses was strengthened, and Daemon was placed in a favorable position politically. The match received positive feedback.

However, the marriage did not work out because Daemon found life in the Vale of Arryn to be tedious and dull, and he quickly developed a dislike for his wife. This contributed to the failure of the marriage.

Similarly, Rhea did not feel much affection for Daemon, and as a result, the two quickly became estranged from one another.

At the end of the first episode of House of the Dragon, Daemon is given an order by King Viserys to return to Rhea in Runestone. However, Daemon chooses to disobey this order and instead travel to Dragonstone with his mistress, Mysaria, who is also introduced in this episode.

Aemon Targaryen’s Future Love

Even though Daemon starts House of the Dragon married to Rhea Royce, they are not meant to stay together.

In the books that were the basis for House of the Dragon, Rhea falls off her horse and hits her head on a rock. After staying in bed for nine days, Rhea started to feel better, but within an hour of getting up, she fell down and died.

This meant that Daemon could marry someone else, and he quickly fell in love with Laena Velaryon, the daughter of his friend and Small Council member, Lord Corlys Velaryon. After Daemon killed Laena’s previous betrothed, the two of them got married.

But Daemon’s second marriage also ended too soon when Laena died while giving birth to a son. The baby also died at the same time.

Things took a strange turn when Daemon married his niece Rhaenyra Targaryen, whose own husband, Laena’s brother Laenor, had also died.

The fact that Daemon and Rhaenyra got married was a scandal because neither Laena nor Laenor had been dead for six months.

During all of Daemon’s marriages, he kept Mysaria by his side. She eventually got a job at court and became the unofficial Mistress of Whispers after Rhaenyra took King’s Landing during the Targaryen Civil War.

Important characters in the first episode of House of the Dragon

Fans get to know a lot of important characters in the first episode of House of the Dragon. Two of these are Otto Hightower, who is the Hand of the King, and Daemon Targaryen, who is King Viserys’s brother and the Commander of the City Watch.

After Daemon plans a brutal attack on King’s Landing’s criminals, his actions become the talk of the Small Council. Otto criticizes Daemon’s overzealous behavior and the way he treats his wife, saying, “If only the Prince would show the same devotion to his lady wife as he does to his work.”

But instead of defending his wife, Daemon goes on the attack, calling her his “bronze bitch” and saying that the Vale’s sheep are more attractive than its women.

Daemon then turns his attention back to Hightower and says that he thinks Hightower would be happy to give his wife to Otto so that Otto’s bed will be warmer since Hightower’s wife just died.