Who Is Colleen Jones Son?

by Ami Dalsania

Who Is Colleen Jones Son? Colleen Jones was always mentioned when the Scotties Tournament of Hearts was brought up. Jones is now joining the conversation about the 2023 Tim Hortons Brier.

The Canadian men’s curling championship was held at the Budweiser Gardens in London. The two-time women’s world champion and six-time winner of the Scotties Awards was there.

She is not competing or working as a reporter. Instead, Jones is up in the crowd cheering for her son as he makes his first appearance at the Brier.

Who is Colleen Jones Son?

Luke Saunders, Jones’ son, is currently representing Nova Scotia in his first Brier.

The 29-year-old has been curling for a while, but only recently has he had a chance to compete on the biggest Canadian curling stage.

According to Jones, “This has long been in his blood.” Jones spoke to The Canadian Press. I’m just so proud to see him, especially in this arena with all of the lights and the atmosphere.

Saunders supported his mother by spending a lot of time at curling rinks when he was younger. At the Brier, his mother is now paying it forward by serving as one of Nova Scotia’s biggest supporters.

Jones recalled that Luke was frequently seen running around the arenas wearing either a Canadian or a Nova Scotian flag. He was a great motivator. He was in charge of either the Nova Scotia or Canada cheers at the Scotties.

“Since you are aware of the fact that sometimes it can motivate a player, you want to return some of that. We are here for you, and we have you. I am therefore fully dressed.

Who does Luke Saunders play for?

Matthew Manuel’s team from Nova Scotia has Saunders as the third person on the team.

Nick Zachernuk is the lead on Manuel’s team, and Jeffrey Meagher is the second. Ryan Abraham is the team’s back-up, and Kevin Patterson is the team’s coach.

The crew is based in Halifax, and the Halifax Curling Club is where they live. The Nova Scotia team at the 2023 Brier is pretty young compared to the other teams.

Jones said, “This is the largest event they’ve ever played in.” “They have played in arenas before, but never like this, where TV cameras are pointed up your nose and your mother is wearing a Nova Scotia flag. There is a lot at stake.”

When is the 2023 Briers?

This tournament starts on March 3 and goes through March 12.

From the third to the ninth hole, you play pool. On the 10th and 11th, there are the playoffs and page playoffs. On the 12th, there are the semifinals and the final.

The Briers will be shown on TSN, and you can watch it live on TSN.ca and the TSN app.

Vic Rauter, who has been a curling announcer for a long time, will be in the booth and will share play-by-play duties with Bryan Mudryk. Russ Howard and Cathy Gauthier join the team as analysts.