Who is Bryan Gil’s brother? Sergio Gil, Family

by Rajitha Reddy

Who is Bryan Gil’s brother? Sergio Gil : Bryan Gil is a professional football player from Spain who currently plays as a winger/left midfielder for Sevilla (on loan) in La Liga. Let’s dive into the details about his brother and family.

Who is Bryan Gil’s brother?

Sergio Gil is the younger brother of Bryan Gil. While there is not much information available about him, it is known that Sergio is also an aspiring football player. The two brothers share a close bond, and Bryan has often spoken about his love for his younger sibling in interviews and on social media.

Sergio Gil & brother Bryan Gil Age Gap

Bryan Gil and his younger brother Sergio Gil appear to have an age gap of at least five years. While the exact age difference between the two is not known, Bryan is currently 20 years old (as of 2023), which would make Sergio around 15-16 years old.

Bryan and Sergio Gil come from a close-knit family. Their parents are Alfonso Gil and Raquel Salvatierra. Bryan was born in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona, Catalonia, and grew up with his family in Spain. He has often spoken about how his parents’ support and encouragement have helped him achieve his dreams of becoming a professional footballer.

Bryan Gil’s parents : Alfonso Gil and Raquel Salvatierra

Bryan’s father, Alfonso Gil, is a former football player himself. He played as a midfielder for several teams in Spain, including Sabadell, Sant Andreu.

Alfonso is known to have played an influential role in Bryan’s football journey, and the young player often speaks about how his father’s guidance has helped him become a better player.

Bryan’s mother, Raquel Salvatierra, is a homemaker who has also been a significant source of support for the family. She is known to be very close to her two sons and often accompanies them to their matches.


In conclusion, Sergio Gil is Bryan Gil’s younger brother, and the two share a close bond. While not much is known about Sergio’s football career, it is clear that he is an aspiring player like his brother. Bryan and Sergio come from a close-knit family, with their parents,

Alfonso Gil and Raquel Salvatierra, playing an instrumental role in their lives. Alfonso, a former football player, has been a significant source of guidance for Bryan, while Raquel is known to be very supportive of her sons’ dreams.

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