Who Is Benjamin Evan Ainsworth?

by Narendra

Who Is Benjamin Evan Ainsworth? The puppet that comes to life through fairy magic is voiced by none other than Benjamin Evan Ainsworth.

The British actor, who is only 13 years old, is a rising star. Still, he has shown off his skills in an impressive number of projects since 2018.

He first appeared on TV as a schoolboy in an episode of Emmerdale Farm. Then, he played Jacob in a short film called The Recycling Man, which came out in 2020.

From there, the projects got bigger, with The Haunting of Bly Manor, a Netflix miniseries coming out in 2020. (he played Miles Wingrave). It was a major part that got him a lot of attention and set him up for parts in Son of a Critch (Mark Critch) and The Sandman (Alex Burgess).

Who Is Benjamin Evan Ainsworth?

Not only that, but he also played William in the 2021 Disney movie Flora & Ulysses, so he was no stranger to the Mickey Mouse house before he played Pinocchio.

Benjamin Evan Ainsworth Social Media

He has 43K followers right now, and he just shared the Pinocchio trailer and said thank you.

He wrote, “I’m so honored and proud to have given this legendary character a voice for the next generation, and I can’t wait for you to stream Pinocchio.”

Make sure to write down the date so you don’t forget… On Thursday, September 8, 2022, Pinocchio will be available on Disney+. It will only be on the platform when it first comes out, so you won’t be able to see it in theaters or on other streaming services.