Who Is Aries Spears? Net worth, Work, Lifestyle, Wife

by Narendra

Who Is Aries Spears?: Aries Spears has worked in the entertainment business for a long time, which has helped him make more money in 2022.

The comedian has been in the news because of what he said about Lizzo, but some people still don’t understand what he has done over the years.

Lucky for you, we know everything about him and can show you how his net worth has grown over the years.

Who Is Aries Spears?

Aries is a stand-up comedian who has been on a number of TV shows and worked with other famous people in the Hollywood business.

According to his IMDb page, Aries has been doing funny sketches since he was young. When he was 14, he would put on small shows around his hometown to make people laugh.

Who Is Aries Spears?

After he turned 17, he got a part in the movie Home of Angels. After that, he had his name on a number of movies. He then made his first appearance on TV in Russell Simmons’ Def Comedy Jam.

Since then, he has played many different characters and done a lot of stand-up comedy. He also had a lot of fans on social media, where he often posted his funny sketches.

Is Aries Spears married?

Aries married Elisa Larregui. But after two years of marriage, they decided to split up and filed for a divorce. According to TMZ, Aries had to buy his ex-wife a house in the price range of $300,000 to $375,000, but she could choose which house she wanted.

The couple also has a son, Jordan. Elisa now has full custody of him, and Aries has to pay $5000 a month for child support.

What is Aries Spears Net worth?

Celebrity Net Worth says that Aries’s net worth is about $4 million. When he got his first part in a TV show, it was one of the biggest steps forward in his career.

After that, he moved to Los Angeles and started working on his acting career. He also did a number of shows that gave him a chance to show off his stand-up comedy skills. The news source says that MADtv, where he was a cast member for eight seasons, was one of his longest TV gigs.