Who Did Dodi Fayed Date Before Diana?

by Narendra

Who Did Dodi Fayed Date Before Diana? In Season 5 of “The Crown,” Diana’s relationship with Prince Charles gets worse and worse until they finally break up.

Along the way, the new season shows Diana another important person in her life: Dodi Fayed, who was her lover and a passenger in the car with her on the night of the fatal car crash that killed both of them.

But to show more about Dodi’s life, The Crown also shows that he was in a relationship before he met Diana. Who did Dodi Fayed date before Diana?

Who Did Dodi Fayed Date Before Diana?

In episode 10, Dodi Fayed shows up again, but he isn’t dating Diana yet.

Instead, he has a relationship with American actress and model Kelly Fisher. During a flight, Dodi helps her learn lines before introducing her to his father.

Kelly said that she and Dodi had been together for two years, lived together in Malibu, California, and were engaged to be married.

Dodi Fayed’s first marriage to model Suzanne Gregard was his most important relationship before he got engaged to Kelly Fisher.

Even though they got married in 1986, they got a divorce after only eight months.

What Happened To Kelly Fisher?

Diana spent the summer of 1997 with Mohamed Al Fayed, and while they were on vacation, she and Dodi started dating.

GoodTo says that Kelly found out about the affair while on vacation with her family on one of their yachts in St. Tropez, in the south of France.

She said that Dodi broke up with her over the phone. The call was recorded and later played at Diana’s death investigation in 2007.

Kelly Fisher is married to a pilot now, and they have a daughter together.