Who Are Redoine Faïd Origine Parents ?

by Ekta

Who Are Redoine Faïd Origine Parents ? In the world of crime and intrigue, few names evoke as much fascination as that of Redoine Faïd. Born into a strict and traditional family, his life journey has been nothing short of captivating.

This article delves into the life and background of Redoine Faïd, shedding light on his family, upbringing, and the mysterious figures that may have played a part in his criminal activities.

Redoine Faïd’s Early Years

Redoine Faïd’s family relocated to Creil in the Oise region of France in 1969. It was in this environment that he spent his formative years. His parents, Derradji and Zohra, imparted valuable life lessons that emphasized the significance of family bonds and the pursuit of education.

The question of whether Redoine Faïd has children remains unanswered, as information about his family life is not readily available or confirmed. His upbringing among 11 siblings, including two sisters and eight brothers, suggests a close-knit family dynamic. Some of his brothers were reportedly part of his criminal gang, providing him with unwavering support in his illicit endeavors.

Who Are Redoine Faïd Origine Parents ?

Redoine Faïd’s parents, Derradji Faïd and Zohra Faïd, provided the foundation upon which his life was built. Their story is one of resilience and determination, as they navigated the complexities of life in France while preserving their Algerian heritage.

Derradji Faïd, Redoine’s father, was a multifaceted individual. His roots traced back to Algeria, where he was involved in the resistance against French settlers during a pivotal time in history.

After Algeria gained its independence, he made his way back to France. In the Oise region, he found employment at a factory, marking a stark departure from his previous life as a hunting guide and sharpshooter.

Redoine Faïd Enigmatic Wife

While much is known about Redoine Faïd’s criminal exploits, little is revealed about the woman who stood by his side as his wife. Her identity remains shrouded in mystery within the criminal underground.

Speculations and rumors have swirled regarding her alleged involvement in her husband’s illegal activities, including the provision of explosives for daring prison breakouts. However, these claims exist within a realm of intrigue and uncertainty, making her a figure of immense curiosity.


The story of Redoine Faïd and his family is a compelling narrative of complexity and enigma. From the clandestine world of crime to the values instilled by his parents, his life is a tapestry of contrasting elements.

The shadowy presence of his wife and the mystery surrounding his offspring only add to the intrigue. As the enigma of Redoine Faïd continues to capture the public’s imagination, his family remains an enigmatic and elusive aspect of his life.

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