Who Are Bekka Allick Parents ?

by Ekta

Who Are Bekka Allick Parents ? In the world of collegiate volleyball, the name Bekka Allick is quickly rising to prominence. But behind every successful athlete is a strong support system, and Bekka’s family plays a pivotal role in nurturing her talents and instilling essential values.

In this article, we’ll explore how Bekka’s parents, Colleen Ziegelbein and Melvin Allick, along with her uncle Brady White, have significantly influenced her journey towards excellence, both in athletics and academics.

Who Are Bekka Allick Parents ?

Bekka’s mother, Colleen, is no stranger to the world of sports. She has her own impressive background in basketball, having played the sport at Northwest Missouri State.

Her personal experiences as an athlete have likely contributed to her deep understanding of the demands and challenges that Bekka would encounter as a young and aspiring volleyball player.

However, Colleen’s role in Bekka’s life goes beyond her basketball experiences. She has been a rock-solid support system for her daughter, helping her navigate the intricate balance between sports and academics.

Colleen’s guidance and unwavering encouragement have undoubtedly played a significant role in Bekka’s numerous achievements.

Bekka’s father, Melvin, brings his own athletic background to the family dynamic. As a former swimmer at UNLV, he possesses a wealth of wisdom in terms of discipline, dedication, and perseverance.

These qualities are essential not only in the pool but also on the volleyball court. Melvin’s insights have been instrumental in shaping Bekka’s character and approach to sports.

Beyond the athletic arena, Melvin offers the perspective of a loving father. He understands that success is not just about excelling in one area but encompasses personal growth in all aspects of life. His support and encouragement have been a driving force in Bekka’s journey toward excellence.

Brady White Heroic Influence

Bekka’s uncle, Brady White, is a true hero in his own right. As a military veteran and a firefighter in Alaska, he personifies commitment to service and dedication to his profession. His selfless life choices have left an indelible mark on Bekka, instilling in her a sense of purpose and determination.

Throughout her formative years, Bekka had the privilege of being mentored by both her mother and uncle. Their presence in her life has been transformative, shaping her values and character. Brady’s passion for life and his relentless pursuit of excellence have become an integral part of Bekka’s own journey.

Josiah Allick Sibling Success

Bekka’s excellence isn’t limited to her generation alone. Her brother, Josiah, has carved out his own path to success on the Nebraska men’s basketball team as a graduate transfer.

But it’s not just his prowess on the basketball court that shines. His commitment to pursuing a master’s degree in business administration at Nebraska is a testament to the family’s shared values and dedication to personal growth.

Josiah’s journey underscores the Allick family’s commitment to holistic development. They place a premium on education and personal growth, creating a legacy of dedication and excellence that both Bekka and Josiah proudly carry forward.


Bekka Allick’s journey toward excellence is a testament to the profound influence of family. Her parents, Colleen and Melvin, provide guidance based on their athletic backgrounds, while her uncle, Brady, exemplifies the spirit of service and dedication.

Together, they have instilled in Bekka a passion for life and a relentless pursuit of excellence in all aspects of her life. The Allick family’s unwavering support and shared values continue to fuel Bekka’s drive to excel, both as an athlete and as an individual.

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