Where Was Salt Produced In Assam: Guide

by Narendra

Where Was Salt Produced In Assam: Assam is known for its rich cultural heritage, diverse wildlife, and picturesque landscapes. But did you know that Assam was also a major producer of salt?

In this article, we’ll explore the history of salt production in Assam, the regions where salt was produced, and the techniques used by local artisans.

Salt Production in Assam

Salt has been a vital commodity in India for centuries, and Assam was no exception. The salt produced in Assam was of high quality, and it was in great demand in the neighboring regions.

The salt produced in Assam was also used for barter, and it played a significant role in the region’s economy.

Regions where Salt was Produced

Salt was produced in various regions of Assam, including Sivasagar, Jorhat, and Tinsukia. Sivasagar, in particular, was a significant salt-producing region. The salt produced in Sivasagar was known for its purity and was in high demand across the region.

Techniques Used for Salt Production

The local artisans in Assam used a unique technique to produce salt known as the ‘Akhar method.’ This method involved the evaporation of brine by boiling it in large pots. The brine was obtained from natural salt springs, which were found in various parts of the state.

The salt-making process was a community affair, with many people coming together to help in the production process. The local artisans used large pots, known as ‘kohus,’ to boil the brine. The pots were made of clay and were fired at high temperatures to make them sturdy.

The boiling process involved stirring the brine continuously to prevent the salt from sticking to the pots’ bottom. As the brine evaporated, salt crystals formed, which were then collected and dried. The dried salt crystals were then packed in bags and transported to various regions for sale.


Assam has a rich history of salt production, and the unique Akhar method used by local artisans made the salt produced in the region highly sought after.

The regions of Sivasagar, Jorhat, and Tinsukia were significant producers of salt, and the salt produced was known for its purity and quality. We hope this article has been informative and has provided you with valuable insights into the history of salt production in Assam.