Where Was Love In The Villa Filmed? Exact Location

by Narendra

Where Was Love In The Villa Filmed: Love in the Villa is a romantic comedy set in the old Italian city of Verona, where the main characters, Julie and Charlie, fall in love.

But in this day and age of greenscreen and CGI, many people are wondering where Love in the Villa was shot and if the funny romantic comedy was actually shot in Verona.

Where Was Love In The Villa Filmed?

Love in the Villa was made in the Italian city of Verona.

People who like things to be true to life will be glad to hear that the movie was shot in the same places where the story takes place.

Where Was Love In The Villa Filmed?

The Cinemaholic says that filming for Love in the Villa began in September 2021 and went on for two months, until November.

Verona is known as one of the most romantic places in Italy because it was the setting for Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. There are many places in the city that are great for couples, and many of them are in Love in the Villa.

These include the Roman arch bridge Ponte Pietra, which crosses the River Adige, and the Casa di Giulietta (House of Juliet), whose balcony is said to have been the inspiration for Shakespeare’s play.

In addition to Piazza Bra and the nearby Roman amphitheater, Verona Arena, many other squares and historic streets in Verona are used for scenes in the movie.

In Love in the Villa, there are also places outside of Verona’s city center. These include the nearby towns of San Pietro in Cariano and San Giovanni Lupatoto, as well as the beautiful Torri del Benaco and Bardolino on the shores of Lake Garda to the west of Verona.

Love In The Villa Interesting part

Verona and the area around it have been the setting for more than 150 movies and TV shows over the years, including some big names like “Love in the Villa.”

Quantum of Solace, which came out in 2008, is the biggest. The exciting opening car chase of the movie was shot on the shores of Lake Garda.

Other notable movies that were shot in and around Verona include Romeo & Juliet, which came out in 2013 and starred Hailee Steinfeld and Douglas Booth, Letters to Juliet, which came out in 2010, The Gamble, which came out in 1988, and A Little Romance, which starred Laurence Olivier, as well as a lot of Italian movies.

Love In The Villa Release Date And Plot Preview

On Thursday, September 1, 2022, Love in the Villa made its way to Netflix.

The movie is about Julie Hutton, a young woman who goes to the romantic city of Verona after a heartbreaking breakup. Kat Graham and Tom Hopper play Julie Hutton.

But Julie’s plans to take some much-needed time for herself fall through when she learns that the villa she’s renting for her trip has already been booked by someone else.

Now, she has to spend her vacation in Italy with an annoyingly good-looking British man named Charlie who is way too cynical.