Where was Halloween Ends filmed?

by Narendra

Where was Halloween Ends filmed: With the release of Halloween Ends, people can go back to Haddonfield once more. The movie is now available on Peacock Premium and in theaters.

Where was Halloween Ends filmed?

Halloween Ends is the 13th movie in the Halloween series. It is also the third movie in the “H40” reboot trilogy, which began with 2018’s Halloween and the return of serial killer Michael Myers. It’s also supposed to be the last movie in this rebooted series. When you watch the movie, you’ll see that Michael Myers and Laurie Strode’s stories don’t have much room to go on after Halloween Ends.

That’s good news for the people of Haddonfield, Illinois, who have had it rough for the last 40 years or so. But people who watch the movie closely might notice that Haddonfield looks a little different this time. At first, it was supposed to be shot in the same place as Halloween Kills and the 2018 Halloween. However, delays in filming made that impossible.

Read on to find out where the movie Halloween Ends was shot.

Where was Halloween Ends filmed?

Haddonfield is in the Midwest, but most of the movie Halloween Ends was shot in Savannah, Georgia.

Some scenes were also shot in Sylvania, Georgia. It was a bit different from the place where the last movie, Halloween Kills, was shot, which was in Wilmington, North Carolina. Halloween Ends was also going to film in Wilmington at first, but the COVID-19 pandemic caused delays, so the plans had to be changed.

But the team made it work and did what they could to keep Haddonfield’s look the same. In an interview for the Halloween Ends press notes, director David Gordon Green said that in 1978’s Halloween, John Carpenter made Pasadena look like Illinois.

“We’ve shot in South Carolina, Wilmington, North Carolina, Savannah, Georgia, and Sylvania, Georgia. We’ve been all over the place, but we’ve tried to keep characters and settings consistent.”

Scenes of the house and town were filmed in and around Savannah. Scenes of Michael Myers hiding out in an underpass and drainpipe were filmed in the small town of Sylvania, Georgia.

In the same interview for the press notes, Green said, “We had to go to Sylvania for that particular underpass. For some scenes, I needed a big bridge and a place to build a house under the ground. I didn’t like anything about Savannah, so when we got about an hour and a half outside of town, the place spoke to me.