Where Was Emancipation Filmed? Emancipation Exact Filming Location

by Kirti Rajput

Where Was Emancipation Filmed? Will Smith’s 2022 has been full of exciting things, and his latest movie, Emancipation, is the cherry on top.

In the historical drama, Smith plays Peter, a real-life slave who ran away from a Louisiana plantation and joined the Union army. Photos of his scourged back helped make people dislike slavery even more.

Since Louisiana is a big part of the movie, many people will wonder where Emancipation was shot and if the crew used real places in Louisiana. Here’s all the information you need.

Emancipation Exact Filming Location

Emancipation was filmed in Louisiana, in and around New Orleans.

The project’s filming started in July 2021 and went on for a few months. It ended in early 2022, just before the ill-fated Oscars ceremony.

Since the original story took place in Louisiana, it was a great choice to make that the main place where the movie was shot.

The filming took place mostly in and around New Orleans, but the crew also went to the Rosedown Plantation in St. Francisville and the Ardoyne Plantation on the edge of Houma.

IMDb says that almost 3,000 movies and TV shows have been shot in New Orleans and the state of Louisiana.

Some of the most famous movies and TV shows that were shot in Louisiana are Where the Crawdads Sing, Django Unchained, 12 Years a Slave, Green Book, Logan, Chef, as well as Your Honor, Black Bird, American Horror Story, and The Originals and The Winchesters on the CW.

Emancipation was supposed to be shot in Los Angeles

Even though Louisiana might seem like the best place to film a movie set in the same state, Emancipation was supposed to be shot in Los Angeles at first, but this was changed twice.

The first change was that the filming almost moved to Georgia, which is a very popular place to film thanks to the state’s Film Tax Incentive.

But the location was moved a second time after Georgia passed the controversial Election Integrity Act of 2021. Will Smith and Emancipation’s director, Antoine Fuqua, said in a statement, “We cannot in good conscience give financial support to a government that passes laws that make it harder for people to vote.”

So, most of the filming for Emancipation took place in Louisiana, which is said to have cost $15 million.

Emancipation Release Date And Plot Preview

Emancipation will be available on Apple TV+ on Friday, December 9, 2022, after it has been shown in a limited number of theaters.

The movie is about Peter, a slave who escapes and joins the Union army during the American Civil War. It is based on a true story that is both scary and inspiring.

Peter must use his wits, his faith, and his deep love for his family to get through the harsh Louisiana swamps and away from the hunters who are looking for him.

When he finally gets to safety, images of his scourged back, which was damaged by the whippings he got from his slave owners, come to mind. This helps to inspire the movement to end slavery.

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