Where to find Wisps in Creatures of Sonaria Halloween Event

by Narendra

Where to find Wisps in Creatures of Sonaria Halloween Event: This guide will tell you where to find Wisps in Creatures of Sonaria and how to collect and farm them more easily. No one should have to pay real money for the outrageous prices in the game store.

Where to find Wisps in Creatures of Sonaria

In the Creatures of Sonaria 2022 Halloween event on Roblox, you need to look in the southern half of the map for Wisps and get them. The north and most of the east aren’t good for anything.

You should look in the south and west. There are a lot of Wisps in the Tundra, as well as in the Volcano and the Redwood. Also, don’t forget the area between the Volcano and the Tundra.

There may be a lot of Wisps in the woods there. Another good place to look is the Flower Cove, which is the green area east of Desert Oasis. On the other hand, the Dunes, the Desert Oasis, the Plains, and (most of the time) the Swamp won’t help you very much.

So, those are the places in Creatures of Sonaria where you can find Wisps during the Halloween event in 2022. We have a few more tips on how to get them, though.

First, if you can, make sure the graphics are at their best. This should make it easier for you to find the Wisps. Second, choose a creature that has good stamina, doesn’t get hungry quickly, and can fly or move over any terrain.

Some good choices would be Aereis, Beezu, Pero, and Flixlit. Next, remember that Wisps can come back, so check all of the places we’ve listed every now and then.

Try to stay away from places where other people are. Ask someone you know who has a private server to let you in. If you run into other players and they get a Wisp before you do, don’t bother them and keep looking.