Where to Find Structural Materials in Starfield ?

by Ekta

Where to Find Structural Materials in Starfield ? Welcome, fellow space adventurers, to the enchanting realm of Starfield! As you embark on your cosmic journey, you’ll soon discover the vital role that structural materials play in various research and crafting projects.

But where, amidst the vastness of the universe, can you uncover these elusive structural materials? Fear not, for we’re here to guide you through the galaxy and reveal the secrets of their discovery.

What Are Structural Materials?

Before we embark on our quest to uncover the sources of structural materials, let’s understand what these materials are and why they are essential in the world of Starfield. Structural materials are like the building blocks of your cosmic creations. They are the sturdy foundation upon which your research and crafting projects are built. Whether you’re constructing a space outpost or enhancing your starship, structural materials are the backbone of your endeavors.

Where to Find Structural Materials in Starfield ?

Now that you comprehend their significance, let’s unravel the methods to obtain these invaluable resources:

1. Visit Vendors: Your Cosmic Shopping Spree

One of the most direct ways to acquire structural materials in Starfield is by paying a visit to the game’s trusty vendors. These vendors are scattered throughout the universe and are well-stocked with structural materials. Here’s where you might start your shopping adventure:

Wen Tseng – New Atlantis Commercial District

If your cosmic travels lead you to New Atlantis, within the bustling Commercial District, you’ll find Wen Tseng. She’s your go-to vendor for a wide range of resources, including those precious structural materials. It’s like having a cosmic shopping spree right at your fingertips.

Purchasing structural materials from vendors is a straightforward way to ensure you always have a steady supply for your ambitious projects.

2. Collect Resources from Planets: The Cosmic Scavenger Hunt

In your odyssey through Starfield, the planets you visit will hold hidden treasures in the form of structural materials. You can collect them from various locations, turning your journey into a cosmic scavenger hunt. Here’s where you might stumble upon these valuable resources:

Nodes and Loot Caches

Structural materials can often be found hiding in nodes or tucked away in loot caches. Sometimes, all it takes is a keen eye to spot these treasures. Explore with curiosity, and you might just get lucky.

Containers and Other Locations

Throughout your adventures, you’ll encounter various containers and structures. Don’t hesitate to investigate them thoroughly. Structural materials might be lurking within, waiting for you to claim them and put them to good use.

3. Persistent Search: The Cosmic Explorer’s Creed

In your relentless pursuit of structural materials, it’s essential to understand that tracking them won’t make them glow or become easier to spot. Instead, it adds the magnifying glass icon for tracked materials. You’ll still need to actively search for and collect them as you navigate the cosmos.


As you prepare to journey into the boundless universe of Starfield, the acquisition of structural materials becomes a pivotal aspect of your adventure.

Whether you prefer the convenience of purchasing from vendors, the thrill of exploration, or the efficiency of tracking your finds, the choice is yours. Consider your playstyle and the specific requirements of your projects to determine which method best suits your cosmic needs.

So, intrepid space explorers, armed with the knowledge of where to find structural materials in the galaxy, may your starship soar to new heights, your outposts stand tall and proud, and your research projects push the boundaries of cosmic understanding.

The universe is your canvas, and with structural materials at your disposal, you’re poised to paint the cosmos with your creativity and ambition. Safe travels, explorers of the stars!