Where to Find Shrimp in Disney Dreamlight Valley

by Narendra

Where to Find Shrimp in Disney Dreamlight Valley: During your adventures in the Dreamlight Valley, you’ll collect ingredients and materials more than anything else.

But some items are harder to find than others, and a few will even make players confused because they won’t know where to look for them. In this guide, we show you where to find Shrimp in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Where to catch Shrimp in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Goofy will ask you to help him pick Clams, Scallops, and Shrimps for the “Dinner with a Friend” quest. He will ask for exactly two of each thing.

It won’t be hard to find clamps and scallops. Both of these things can be found on Dazzle Beach. Just go there and look around for a while, and you’ll find them right away. Getting Shrimp, on the other hand, will be harder.

Like many other things in this game, catching a shrimp isn’t hard, but it’s not clear how to do it.

That is, you don’t know what to do and where to go. Shrimps are a rare kind of seafood in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley.

So, you can only find them in fishing ponds with edges that look like they are glowing blue. The fish in these fishing ponds are hard to find.

In the picture below, you can see a fishing spot with blue edges. It’s a small thing that is easy to miss if you aren’t paying close attention.

Where to Find Shrimp in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The edges of regular fishing ponds are white, those with rare catches are blue, and those with the rarest catches are yellowish or golden. So, there you have it. Now you know where to catch Shrimp in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley.