Where to Find Nilotpala Lotus in Genshin Impact

by Narendra

Where to Find Nilotpala Lotus in Genshin Impact : The Genshin Impact 3.0 update is now available. Travellers will finally be able to explore the brand new Sumeru region, which introduces the new element, Dendro, as well as two playable Dendro characters – Tighnari and Collei. Tighnari is a Sumeru Forest Watcher.

You’ll also need specific character ascension materials, such as Nilotpala Lotus, to ascend Tighnari. This guide will teach you how to farm Lotus Nilotpal, including a map of all Nilotpala Lotus locations in Genshin Impact.

Nilotpala Lotus Locations Genshin Impact

You can see that the Lotus is one of the most important things you’ll need to get to finish the ascension. So, how do you stop doing it? First of all, you can only find it in Sumeru because it is a local plant.

On Sumeru, the Lotus grows near lakes and rivers, mostly in swampy forest areas. Once you are close to these reservoirs, they are easy to spot at night because they shine brightly.

So, the best time to farm Nilotpala Lotus in Genshin Impact is at night. Change the time in the game to midnight and start picking up these flowers.

Nilotpal Lotus takes 48 hours to come back. This means that after you take it from a place, it will show up there again exactly 48 hours later. At the moment, none of the characters sells the lotus, so the only way to get it is to grow it yourself.

You can find our maps of all the important places in the Sumeru area where you can find Nilotpala Lotus below.

In the Genshin Impact 3.0 Sumeru update, Nilotpala Lotus is one of the most important things Tighnari need to get to the next level. Tighnari is one of the two new Dendro characters. To level up Tighnari, you’ll need to get some materials that are only available in the Sumeru region.