Where to find More Dream Shards in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

by Narendra

Where to find Dream Shards in Disney Dreamlight Valley: The new adventure game is like Animal Crossing and has a lot of things to do, like crafting. And there are a lot of different materials and ingredients where crafting is done. But not all of them are explained well enough in the game.

Don’t worry if the Valley doesn’t have enough Dream Shards for you to finish a quest. Our guide tells you how to get more Dream Shards, where to find them, and the best way to farm for them.

Where to find Dream Shards in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

If you bought the Founder’s Pack, you already had 40 Dream Shards when you started playing. The most important thing about this material is that it can be turned into Dreamlight.

Dreamlight is used to get into new places, which gives you more options. Under the “Potion & Enchantment” tab in Scrooge McDuck’s shop, there is a crafting table where you can make Dreamlight. But even though this is its main use, you shouldn’t spend all of your Dream Shards on Dreamlight right away.

That’s because you’ll soon find out that they can be used for more than just making Dreamlight. In other words, they are needed for different steps in different quests.

Merlin, for instance, might ask you to bring him 10 shards. Keep in mind that it’s very hard to find these shards in the game. If you spend them without thinking, you’ll find yourself in a tough spot. So, we suggest that you use them as little as possible.

Get more Dream Shards from Night Thorns Drops

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, there are two ways to get more Dream Shards. First, you can farm (get rid of) Night Thorns, which drop Dream Shards.

From what we know, this is the best way to collect shards. Don’t worry if you’ve killed all of the Night Thorns. They come back every day, so just come back the next day.

This game uses real-world time, so the new Night Thorns will appear in 24 hours. Every day, ten new Night thorns show up. If you’ve unlocked Dazzle Beach, that’s probably the best place to get rid of Night Thorns and farm Dream Shards.

Get more Dream Shards by Feeding Animals

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, the second way to get more Dream Shards is to feed little animals their favorite food. You can only feed animals once a day, so be careful.

If you feed them something they don’t like, you’ll have to wait another day. So far, these are the only two ways we know of to collect Dream Shards in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

But the game’s makers know there are balance problems and that many players are having trouble getting enough Shards to finish their quests.