Where to Find Lost Lindwyrms in God of War Ragnarok

by Kirti Rajput

Not sure where to look in GoW Ragnarok for Lost Lindwyrms for Ratatoskr the Squirrel’s favor? We’ll take care of you! As one of the numerous sidequests in God of War Ragnarok, Ratatoskr, the famous squirrel from Norse mythology, would also ask you to bring him Nidhogg’s Children – Lindwyrms.

In this guide, we tell you where to find six Lindwyrms, what Realm Tears are, and how to use the Lindwyrm Trap to catch them all.

Where to Find Lost Lindwyrms in God of War Ragnarok

Nidhogg, a dragon that ate at the base of Yggdrasil, the world tree, is dead. It has been slayed by you, Kratos. Her children, the six Lindwyrms, are still there, though. And if you don’t stop them, they can make a lot of trouble.

Ratatoskr the Squirrel wants you to bring them to him because of this. So that he can advise and raise them properly. He’ll start giving you the Lindwyrm Trap, and ask you to look around Realm Tears for these beasts. But where are these lost Lindwyrms to be found?

Even though it seems simple, a lot of players might not know what Realm Tears are. They are actually known under a different name in your in-game journal.

They are called Yggdrasil Rifts and can be found on maps. So, it’s likely that you’ve already met one of these. They look like small black holes and float just above the ground.

Once you see them, you’ll know who they are right away. When you get close to them, just touch them, and a Lost Lindwyrm will jump out of one of them. Use your Lindwyrm Trap to get past it, and then trap it. Don’t forget to take other things from the trap as well. Most of the time, you’ll find Dust of Realms, Lindwyrm Scales, and some Hacksilver.

So, all you have to do to catch six Lindwyrms is interact with six of these Realm Tears, also called Yggdrasil Rifts. Below, you’ll find the list of six locations where you can capture them.

But these places might not be the same for you. Still, the only thing that matters is that they can be found in Yggdrasil Rifts. So, here are the six places where we did find the Lost Lindwyrms:

Lost Lindwyrms Locations in God of War Ragnarok

  • The Forge
  • Alberich Hollow
  • Alberich Island
  • The Applecore
  • The Plains
  • The Plains