Where to Find Lightning Horn in Rune Factory 5

by Narendra

Here’s how to Find Lightning Horn in Rune Factory 5. In RF5, a crafting recipe needs a rare item called a “Lightning Horn.” In Rune Factory 5, you need to farm and collect armor, weapons, and other items to fight monsters and move forward.

You can sometimes buy these things or get them as drops. But in Rune Factory 5, you also have to make things.

Different items have their own Crafting Recipes. There are many different ingredients in these Crafting recipes, and some of them are hard to find. One of these things is Lightning Horn.

A Lightning Horn is one of the rarest materials in Rune Factory 5, and you need it to make things like the Gaia Sword, the Luck Blade, and other things.

Since Lightning Horn is hard to find and hard to get, we put together this guide to help you out.

How to Find Lightning Horn in Rune Factory 5

If you want Lightning Horn in Rune Factory 5, you have to get rid of certain monsters called Lightning Goblins. You can find them on the first and second floors of Thundering Wastes.

So, all you have to do to get Lightning Horns in Rune Factory 5 is go to Thundering Wastes and farm Lightning Goblins.

How to Survive the Thundering Wastes

In Thundering Wastes, lightning strikes hit the field every second. So, if you want to live there, you have to be very careful and avoid these things. In Thundering Wastes, you will also meet a Boss named Medusa. She is one of the most scary and powerful bosses in Rune Factory 5.

Medusa’s moves are Bubbles, Spin Attack, Thunderbolt, and Tentacle Stab. In Bubbles Attack, Medusa shoots bubbles that stay on the map. In Spin Attack, she turns when you are close and right in front of her.

Medusa’s Thunderbolt attack shoots Thunder Bolts at you and the area around you. Her Tentacle Stab attack double-stabs you in the front.

The weak spot on Medusa is not in the back, but in the front. Don’t attack her from behind. Instead, wait until her big hits are done and then hit her from the front. Watch out for her attack, Tentacle Sweep.

Since many of Medusa’s attacks use electricity, you should stay away from the water if you don’t want to get shocked.

Medusa will drop Viscous Liquid and Strangle Tentacle after you beat her. You can also try to tame Medusa, but you’ll need the Lightning Horn and the Starfull Pumpkin for that.

Recipes in Rune Factory 5 that use the Lightning Horn

  • Gaia Sword
  • Luck Blade
  • Katzblager
  • Corsesca
  • Demon Axe
  • Twin Blades
  • Fists of the Earth
  • Judgement Staff
  • Rampage


Where can I get lightning horn?

Lightning Goblins need to be killed in order to find the Lightning Horn. Lightning Goblins are in the Thundering Wastes area on the first and second floors. When you report to Livia in her office, she will ask you to visit this area.

How do you tame a Medusa in Rune Factory 5?

Like other Boss Monsters, Medusa can only be tamed by giving it one of the items it likes best. Lightning Horns are dropped by Lightning Goblins in Thundering Wastes. If you don’t have any Starfall Pumpkins, you can pick up Lightning Horns on your way to fight Medusa if you don’t have any Starfall Pumpkins.