Where to find Jaeger’s Family Basement in Fortnite

by Narendra

If you want to find the Jaeger Family Basement in Fortnite, you don’t need to look any further. The long-awaited crossover event between Attack on Titan and Fortnite has just started, and it’s full of great new content.

New skins and weapons are exciting, but secrets are even more so. In this guide, we show you where to find Jaeger’s Family Basement after the V24.20 update to Fortnite.

Where to find Jaeger’s Family Basement in Fortnite

Attack on Titan In Fortnite, the Jaeger Family Basement is a brand-new secret location. And you might want to find it as soon as you can. “Jaeger’s Family Basement has appeared on the Island!” says the official announcement for the Attack on Titan x Fortnite crossover event. But just like this basement is full of secrets, no one knows where it is in Anvil Square. Find out where this new spot is in Anvil Square.” So, tell me where the basement is.

The announcement makes it sound like the basement is in Anvil Square. So, you will need to start by going to the Anvil Square POI. Go to the southeast corner of Anvil Square once you get there.

Once you know where to go, it will be easy to find the exact spot. Check out the picture below so you know exactly where to look. In our picture, the house with the red circle is where the basement is. The house is on a plateau and has a big porch and a yellow field all around it.

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You can get into the house through the porch on the east side. When you get inside, there are stone steps that lead down to a wooden door. If you go through the door, you’ll get to Jaeger’s Family Basement! Inside is a normal chest, some loot from the ground, and a Scout Regiment Footlocker, which has either an ODM Gear or Thunder Spears in it. Now that we’ve said all of this, our guide is done.