Where to Farm Enemy Scorchers for Firewall Field Research in The Division 2?

by Narendra

In The Division 2, enemy scorchers are enemies with flamethrowers that you need to kill to finish the new Firewall field research. The step where you have to kill ten Scorchers is not too hard.

The hardest part might be finding enough of them. In our Enemy Scorcher Farming Location in Division 2 – Firewall Specialization guide, we’ll show you where to farm enemy Scorchers for the Firewall Field Research.

Enemy Scorcher Farming Location in Division 2

In The Division 2, the best place to farm enemy Scorchers for the Firewall Field Research is the Roosevelt Island stronghold in the west of the map. We played on Normal, which means you have to go in by yourself.

All you have to do is get far enough away from a Body Incineration sign to reach a No Respawn Zone right after it. You’ll be in a place where a lot of enemies will try to hurt you.

There will be a Scorcher among them. In the end, there was a Scorcher named The Wildfire. Kill both of them, and then let your other enemies finish you off.

That’s why you need to play by yourself. You’ll start over right outside the arena. So, you can jump right in, kill the first two Scorchers, die, and keep doing this until you get the ten kills you need.

Then, if you don’t want to finish the stronghold, you can just leave it. Scorcher enemies are basically just enemies with flamethrowers, in case you were wondering. We think they are most common among the enemies of the Outcast.

You can now find Scorchers outside of the stronghold on Roosevelt Island. But you can’t really tell when or where they’ll show up.