Where To Buy Avaline Wine From Cameron Diaz And Katherine

by Ami Dalsania

Where To Buy Avaline Wine From Cameron Diaz And Katherine: Since Cameron Diaz’s Avaline Wine is back on TikTok, wine lovers want to know where they can buy it.

The actress’ “clean” wine seems to be making the rounds on the video-sharing site again, almost two years after it first came out in the summer of 2020.

As the star’s wine becomes more popular on the app, some users want to know where they can get their own bottle. Let’s take a look

Avaline Wine From Cameron Diaz And Katherine

The Charlie’s Angles actress and her business partner, Katherine Power, announced in August 2020 that they would be starting Avaline Wine.

At the time, the brand’s first products were a white wine blend and a roe. Now, the brand has a lot of bottles, including a lot of red-style blends.

But Avaline seems to be making a comeback on the video-sharing app TikTok, even though it has been out for almost two years.

Now in 2023, the brand is making waves on TikTok this week as new customers try the wine for themselves.

Where To Buy Avaline Wine From Cameron Diaz And Katherine

People who want to try the actress’s line of wines can buy them both online and in stores.

It can be bought on the website for Avaline Wine and at other online stores like Drizly and BuyWinesOnline.com.

You can also use the Avaline Wine website’s store locator to find a store near you that sells the brand.

In the Frequently Asked Questions section of Avaline’s website, it says that the wines are sold in stores in 47 states. Target is one of the many stores that sell the brand’s products.

TikTok Viral Avaline Wine From Cameron Diaz And Katherine

Some people may remember that when the brand first came out in 2020, the wine went viral on the app because Diaz shared an unusual way to drink it.

Diaz’s first video on the platform showed her taking a sip from a glass that her Avaline business partner Katherine Power handed to her. In that moment, Power put the glass across her head and held the bottom of the glass with her teeth.

The post quickly got millions of views and likes on the platform, and the video soon went viral.

As the technique spread, it became known as the #winechallenge, and many people used it in their own videos. Some famous people, like the sisters Dakota and Elle Fanning, even tried it.