Where Is Jericho In Wednesday? Is Jericho Real Place?

by Ami Dalsania

Where Is Jericho In Wednesday? The Netflix show Wednesday just came out in time for Thanksgiving, which is perfect since it has a lot to do with the Pilgrims and other early settlers in America.

In the show, Wednesday Addams is forced to go to Nevermore Academy, a scary boarding school for kids with special skills.

The town of Jericho is close to Nevermore, and a lot of the series takes place there. However, fans have been left wondering where Jericho is supposed to be in Wednesday and if the town is real.

Where Is Jericho In Wednesday?

In Wednesday, it is said that the town of Jericho is in the woods of New England.

The town was started in 1625, which was only a few years after the Pilgrims moved to Plymouth, Massachusetts, in 1620.

Where Is Jericho In Wednesday?

Pilgrim World, a tourist spot in Jericho, is all about the Pilgrims. This shows how important they were to the town.

In Wednesday, the town was started by a man named Joseph Crackstone. Without giving anything away, Crackstone is related to the Addams Family’s ancestors from a long time ago.

Is Jericho Real Place In Wednesday ?

The Jericho we see in Wednesday doesn’t exist. But it is based on a few real places.

Jericho got its name from an old city with the same name that was built around 9600 BCE and is thought to be one of the oldest cities in the world.

Jericho is mentioned in the Bible because it was the first city the Israelites took over after crossing the Jordan River into the Promised Land. Jericho is in the Jordan Valley.

Because it’s in the Bible, Jericho has influenced the names of towns all over the world. One of the most famous is a small town in Vermont, which is also where the show Wednesday takes place, since many of the cars in the show have Vermont license plates.

The real Jericho in New England was first settled by a European family called the Browns in 1774. This was almost 150 years after Joseph Crankstone is said to have founded the fictional Jericho in the book Wednesday.

As of the 2020 census, just over 5,100 people lived in and around the real town of Jericho, which is not far from Burlington.

Wednesday Filmed Locations?

Even though it takes place in New England, North America, Wednesday was actually shot on a different continent. In particular, in the country of Romania in eastern Europe.

At first, the production team wanted to film in Toronto, Canada, but they changed their minds when they found better places to film in Romania.

The most famous places to film for Wednesday were the city of Bucharest and the area of Transylvania.

Studio filming took place at Bucharest Film Studios in Buftea. This is where the set for Jericho’s town square was built, which you can see on Google Maps right now.

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