Where is Hydra Island Computer in DMZ Warzone 2

by Ami Dalsania

Where is Hydra Island Computer in DMZ Warzone 2: In MW2’s DMZ mode, there are dozens of different keys, and there’s always one that you don’t know what it does.

For instance, The key to the computer on Zarqwa Hydro Island. If you don’t know where it is, our guide tells you where it is.

Where is Hydra Island Computer in DMZ Warzone 2

So, you probably already know this, but when you click on a key in your inventory in DMZ, it will tell you where it is. And “E4” is written on the key to the Zarqwa Hydro Island Computer.

So, that’s where we start. If you look at your map, you’ll see that it’s the Zarqwa Hydroelectric point of interest.

Where is Hydra Island Computer in DMZ Warzone 2

Go there, and then go to the island in the middle of the area. The one that has several bridges that connect it to the rest of its area.

Find a red building with a pond next to it on the island. This is the only body of water on the island. Check out our map and pictures to find out where it is.

You can get into the building from three sides, so it doesn’t really matter which side you come from.

Go into the red building and go to the room in the back. There is a desk in the back room. The Hydro Island Computer is right next to it.

And that’s it, you’ve found the place you were looking for. Just don’t be let down by what you find inside.

Most of the time, it will just be a few electrical parts worth about $100. So, this is the end of our “Hydro Island Computer Location DMZ Warzone 2” guide.

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