Where is Canal Apartment 103 in DMZ Warzone 2?

by Narendra

Where is Canal Apartment 103 in DMZ Warzone 2? In Warzone 2’s DMZ mode for escaping, it’s easy to get lost. This is not only because the Al Mazrah map is so big, but also because there are so many locked places and keys to find along the way. In this guide, we tell you where and how to find the DMZ Canal Apartment 103 key.

Where is Canal Apartment 103 in DMZ Warzone 2?

Modern Warfare 2’s DMZ mode has over 60 different keys. Players can get them as rewards for completing certain missions or as random drops from AI soldiers and loot.

Some are pretty easy to figure out what you need to look for to find the location of what they unlock. But players can get completely lost trying to figure out what the heck that key unlocks.

For instance, a lot of players don’t know where to use the Canal Apartment 103 Key. And that’s probably why you’re now here, reading this guide. Let’s get down to business.

When you look at the key in your inventory, it will tell you the coordinates. Since the green numbers say F3, you need to go there. This map piece is in the city of Al-Mazrah.

There are a lot of buildings and smaller POIs in this area, so many players will get lost trying to find the apartment. If you look at your tac-map, you’ll see that the canal runs through the city center and is crossed by several bridges. You need to go to the middle bridge that is in the middle of the middle bridges.

On the right side of the river, there is a tall building right next to the bridge. Check out the map below to see where you need to go. This is the building where Apartment 103 on the Canal is.

A parking lot and a billboard are right in front of the entrance. Go in there, look for Apartment 103, and use your key to open the door.