When Is The Forspoken Review Embargo Date?

by Ami Dalsania

When Is The Forspoken Review Embargo Date? Forspoken’s review embargo date is coming up soon, and the most expensive edition comes with early access to the prequel DLC as an added bonus.

One of the most interesting books coming out in 2023 is Forspoken. It’s a brand-new IP from Square Enix, and it’s only coming to PS5 for consoles. It’s also coming to PC, where it’s said to have “demanding and confusing” system requirements.

It doesn’t come out for a few more days, but the good news is that the final reviews will be out before then.

When Is The Forspoken Review Embargo Date?

The deadline for reviews of Forspoken is January 23.

This information comes from opencritic, which says that final reviews will be posted at 6:00 PT, 9:00 ET, and 15:00 GMT. The new game from Square Enix will come out the next day, on January 24.

Some people are worried, even though reviews are close to being good, because Square Enix reportedly hasn’t given codes to several outlets. On ResetEra, there is a thread about limited access to codes, and some people have said that Square Enix is trying to change the Metacritic score.

Even though it’s scary, you can play the demo on PS5 and get a taste of the game right now. Unfortunately, there is no PC sampler.

Again, the game will only be available for PS5 consoles. This means it won’t be available on the last-gen PS4, and the earliest it could come to Xbox is January 23, 2025, when its console exclusivity for PlayStation ends.

Prequel Dlc Early Access Explained

If you buy the Forspoken Deluxe edition, you can get the prequel DLC, In Tantra We Trust, early and for free.

This DLC doesn’t have a release date, but the PSN store says it will come out in the summer of 2023. The Deluxe version costs £89.99 and comes with these extras:

Mini Artbook (Digital Download)
Mini Soundtrack (Digital Download)
Before-the-story DLC Rare Resource Kit Early Access
The PSN store says that it’s possible that the above bonuses will be sold separately at some point in the future. Aside from the Deluxe edition, the Standard package costs £64.99, and both versions come with the following pre-order bonuses:

Necklace Trigger No Limits Cloak Symbol Combo Happy Nails Starter Kit for Crafts