What’s happening on July 6th, on TikTok?

by Narendra

Trends on TikTok may change over time, but they usually fall into one of two big categories. There are dance trends, prank trends, and sometimes something that is supposed to happen on a date goes viral on the platform.

The most recent date to go viral on TikTok is July 6. If you don’t know why this date is important, you might think the reasons are a bit strange.

What’s happening on July 6th, on TikTok?

Some people on TikTok think that July 6 could be the day the world ends. It’s not the kind of end of the world that the Mayans thought would happen. Instead, it could be caused by a scientific experiment gone wrong, which could happen when CERN turns on its large hadron collider. People on TikTok are worried that turning on the collider will bring about the end of the world, but those who are running the test don’t seem to have the same worries.

What is CERN’s large hadron collider?

The Large Hadron Collider has been turned on before, so this is not the first time it has done so. It was turned on about 10 years ago to find out more about the mysteries of the universe, and it was turned on again in 2018. Now, scientists are turning it back on so they can find out more about the universe, like what dark matter is all about.

People who use TikTok clearly think that this test is going to open a door to another world or cause the end of our world. Even though these videos might make you want to head for your bunker, it’s better to avoid the end-of-the-world talk and get ready to live another day. The end of the world might happen one day, but watching videos on TikTok won’t stop it.

July 6th, on TikTok? CERN’s large hadron collider

Since 2018, people who work on the hadron collider have been making changes to it so that it can keep sending out strong beams for longer and scientists can get three times as much information from it.

During an interview with NPR, Yale physics professor Dr. Sarah Demers said, “There must be more out there because we can’t explain so many things around us.”

“Something really big is missing,” she said. “When I say really big, I mean like 96 percent of the universe big.”

She is talking about dark matter and dark energy, which are driving the growth of the universe but are still a big mystery to scientists.

“Finding the answers to these and other interesting questions will not only help us learn more about the universe at the smallest scales, but it may also help us solve some of the biggest mysteries about the universe as a whole, like how it got to be the way it is and what might happen to it in the end,” she said. Even though the end of the world may not be close, big answers may still be on the way.