What Will Trump Be Indicted For?

by Ami Dalsania

What Will Trump Be Indicted For: In a recent interview, Donald Trump’s defense attorney, Ronald Fischetti, said that Trump would turn himself in to the authorities if he is charged with a crime.

Fischetti said this after hearing that the Manhattan district attorney’s office is thinking about charging Trump with a crime.

Fischetti made it clear in the interview that he doesn’t think there’s any reason to charge Trump, but he also said that Trump would “of course” turn himself in if he was charged. Fischetti also said that the investigation was being done for “political” reasons by the district attorney’s office, which he called a mistake.

What Will Trump Be Indicted For

The main focus of the investigation is Trump’s business dealings, including claims of tax fraud and other financial crimes. The investigation has been going on for a few years, and several of Trump’s friends and business partners have been charged and convicted as a result.

If Trump was charged with a crime and then found guilty, it would be a big change in the law and in politics. But it’s important to remember that the district attorney’s office has the final say on whether or not to file charges against the former president, and it’s still not clear if they will do so.

No matter how the investigation turns out, Trump’s lawyer’s comments show how serious the situation is and how the former president could be in trouble with the law.