What Type Of Monster Is Wednesday Addams?

by Sourabh

What Type Of Monster Is Wednesday Addams? In the Wednesday series on Netflix, the main character, Wednesday Addams, is forced to go to Nevermore Academy, a scary school for outcasts and mythical creatures.

On Wednesday’s first day, her new roommate Enid shows her around the school and tells her about the four main cliques at Nevermore. These are the fangs (vampires), furs (werewolves), scales (sirens), and stoners (gorgons).

But some characters, like Wednesday, don’t fit into any of these categories. This has made many people wonder what kind of monster Wednesday Addams is.

What Type Of Monster Is Wednesday Addams?

Wednesday Addams is not a monster at all. She is a person, even if she is a little strange and odd.

She may not be part of one of Nevermore’s main social groups or cliques, but she is a Psychic, which means that her mind has supernatural powers.

Wednesday is in this group because when she touches certain people, she has visions that show her a key moment from their past or future.

In episode 5, Wednesday’s mother, Morticia, helps show what her daughter can do. Both of them are psychic and have visions, but the kinds of visions they have depend on where they are on “the spectrum of who we are.”

Since Morticia says she has a better attitude, she is a Dove. Wednesday, on the other hand, sees the world through a darker lens. She is a Raven, and her visions are more powerful and hard to control without training.

Wednesday’s Powers And Abilities

From the first episode of Wednesday, it’s clear that Jenna Ortega’s character is not like other people.

She can see a person’s past or future just by touching them, which helps her look into the killing spree that has been happening in the nearby town of Jericho.

Wednesday is also shown to have a genius-level mind, which she uses to fix equipment that isn’t working right and come up with a plan to win the Poe Cup race.

Wednesday also spends her time writing a book and playing the cello very well. She serenades Nevermore from her rooftop balcony.

Even though Wednesday is small, she is not to be taken lightly. She is skilled at fencing and martial arts, which she uses to show off her impressive acrobatic skills.

Wednesday is also fluent in Spanish, German, Latin, and Italian. Spanish and German are her strongest languages, but she can also read and understand Latin and Italian.

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