What Is Vabbing? TikTok Trend

by Narendra

The term “vabbing” has been brought up in conversation by a significant number of TikTok users, but what exactly does it mean, and where did it get its start?

The social media platform that has been downloaded the most often is well-known for its viral trends, dance challenges, and hilarious videos.

However, in recent days, the platform has been taken over by a practice known as vabbing, which has been popular among certain influencers for a few years.

What Is Vabbing Meaning ? TikTok Trend

According to Healthline, the practice known as “vabbing” entails applying one’s own vaginal secretions all over one’s body in place of using a fragrance product.

It is a phrase that was created by combining the words “vaginal” and “dabbing.”

According to The Sun, the phrase was initially brought up in an episode of the podcast titled “Secret Keepers Club” that aired in 2018. The podcast is hosted by comedians Emma Willmann and Carly Aquilino.

The activity, which has now become a trend on TikTok, has gained widespread attention as a result of a number of users coming forward with claims about the advantages of vaping.

Is vabbing is safe or not?

According to a report by The Cut, the practice appears to be risk-free; however, Canadian-American gynecologist Dr. Jen Gunter has cautioned individuals to exercise extreme caution. The medical professional cautioned those who are infected with hepatitis B against participating in the trend because the bacteria could remain on surfaces for a longer period of time.

“Nearly everything else that can be sexually transmitted can only be sexually transmitted because these organisms live in very specific eco-niches in your body,” she explained. “Nearly everything else that can be sexually transmitted can only be sexually transmitted.”

There is not enough research done on the practice, but some people have claimed that pheromones found in vaginal secretions make people more attractive to romantic partners. [Citation needed]

Gunter continued by saying, “People confuse the idea of pheromones with the concept of conditioning.” It only takes a few times for us to become accustomed to the scent of something that we find to be pleasurable.

According to a study that was published in the journal Facts Views Vis Obgyn in 2013, several examples of pheromones have been found in animals; however, the precise role that pheromones play in humans is still unknown.

According to the author, “Preliminary evidence suggests exposure to androstadienone in women promotes attractiveness ratings of potential mates.”

Vabbing tiktok trends reactions

In recent days, the practice of vabbing has become a trend that has taken over TikTok, and many users have shared their opinions regarding the trend on various other platforms.

Someone posted the following on their Twitter account: “Just heard about ‘vabbing,’ and my life will never be the same.”

Someone else commented, “I just found out what vabbing is, and I’m going to log off of TikTok.”

Someone else chimed in with the following: “Just found out what vabbing is, and I think that’s enough TikTok for one night.”