What Is The “What Color Is The Sky Cat” Meme? Explained

by Sourabh

What Is The “What Color Is The Sky Cat” Meme? Some TikTok trends just don’t make any sense, which is what makes them so funny. This is definitely the case with the “What color is the sky cat?” TikTok meme, which has taken over the platform this week.

This trend is just chaos all over, with a song from Coco and badly edited pictures of cats with random things. People have also used this trend to play jokes on their friends and family over text.

Let’s look at the meme, the catchy song that goes with it, and some of the funniest videos we’ve seen so far that are part of the trend.

What Is The “What Color Is The Sky Cat” Meme?

What Is The “What Color Is The Sky Cat” Meme?

The videos in this trend are funny photoshopped pictures of cats, which are often not very good. Set to a sped-up version of the song “Un Poco Loco” from Coco, which makes it very chaotic, the videos don’t always make sense, but that’s what makes them so funny.

Every time the song gets to a new line, a new cat pops up.

The cats are put on loaves of bread, croissants, Crocs, and Oreos, and some are even flying or wearing socks or shoes on their heads.

Some users have even made videos that show them sending memes to family or friends in time with the song lyrics, which makes the people who get them very confused.

The song “Un Poco Loco” is from the 2017 Disney Pixar movie “Coco.” It is about a young boy named Miguel who goes to the Land of the Dead to find his famous singer great-great-grandfather.

These are some of the lyrics that are in the TikTok videos:

What Color Is The Sky Cat? Ay, mi amor, ay, mi amor

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