What is the meaning of ‘o7’? Everything Explained!

by Narendra

What is the meaning of ‘o7’? Technoblade, whose real name was Alex, died at the age of 23. Many of his fans wrote messages of support with the emoticon “o7” – what does that mean?

TommyInnit, who also makes Minecraft videos, said that Technoblade was a “legend.”

At least for a while, Techno’s family will continue to run his merch store, with a portion of the money going to the Sarcoma Foundation of America.

What does “o7” mean in relation to the end of Technoblade, and how long have Minecraft players been using it?

Why Minecraft players write “o7” when they want to honor Technoblade

When you type “o7” (with a small “o”) instead of “O7,” it means “I salute you.”

The letter O represents a “head or face,” and the number 7 represents an outstretched arm giving a military salute, according to Cyber Definitions. The emoticon isn’t a picture; it’s just the letter O and the number 7.

The note also says that the emoticon uses the wrong hand.

Most people use their right hands to salute. The point is to show that you’re not hiding a weapon, since most people are right-handed and would hold a knife in their right hand.

So people who write “o7” in tributes to Minecraft gamer and YouTuber Technoblade are just using their keyboards to honor him in the most modern and Minecraft-friendly way.

 ‘o7’ Social Media Reactions

A fan of Technoblade with the Reddit username u/Sagradon777 posted the two-character message “o7” in the r/Technoblade forum less than a day ago.

Since the OP posted it 12 hours ago, more than a thousand people have replied to it. Most of them are just people writing “o7” to show respect for Technoblade.

Some people have given more information. It looks like one user watched Alex’s videos from 2017 until he died recently.

“His videos have helped me get through hard times in my life,” the user writes. “I’ve always looked up to him as someone to be like.”

“I am 17. Technoblade is 23. I’ll be 18 next year, but he’ll still be 23.”