What Is The Mascara On Tiktok?

by Rajitha Reddy

What Is The Mascara On Tiktok: Every day, a new beauty product takes over TikTok. This time, though, the product lives up to the hype (and the billions – yes, billions – of views).

The tag “Essence Mascara” has been seen 2.9 billion times on the platform, and people have shared how the “I Love Extreme Crazy Volume” Essence mascara changed their eyelashes dramatically.

Many TikTokers, like @ssunaa and @therobelifeblog, show how great the mascara is at lengthening and thickening by not putting mascara on one eye and putting it on the other.

And the change that happens right away after just one coat is really amazing:

What Is The Mascara On Tiktok

“All right, look at her eyelashes! “Oh my god!” says @therobelifeblog as he watches @ssunaa’s first video. “When I say I ran to Ulta to get this mascara,” she says, “believe me.”

“What makes the best mascaras great. “I Love Extreme Crazy Volume” is the name of this brand’s mascara. This wand is very important. We’re going to try it anyway, but I’ll be so sad if I don’t get the same results.”

She then puts the product on her lashes one coat at a time. After just one sweep, the effect is really impressive. Her eyelashes are longer and fuller, and they don’t flake or stick together. After only three coats, it looks like she has fake eyelashes on.

“Run and get this mascara, you guys. When I show my results in natural light, it looks like I’m wearing fakes.”

Most of the comments agree that the Essence mascara gives XXL length and volume, but some are a little less sure. One user wrote, “Come on, it depends on the length of your lashes, not the mascara.

I used this one, but I have short lashes, so I can’t get these results.” Another said, “Guys, my lashes are short and point down… I tried this mascara, but it did nothing for my lashes.

Some TikTokers also said that the product smudged after it was used. One said, “This mascara did nothing for me. My eyelashes are short and stumpy. It didn’t hold the curl and got all smudged up!”

But if what people say about it online is any indication, TikTok is on to a winner with this one. At the time of writing, the £2.80 mascara had a 4.7 rating out of 71 reviews on wilko.com.

If it’s anything like other Essence mascaras that went viral, it’s likely to become a staple in your makeup bag. In 2018, Essence False Lash Effect Mascara Princess went viral because it did the same thing. Now, more than 250,000 people have reviewed the cheap mascara on Amazon, giving it a rating of 4.3 stars. People, the math doesn’t lie.

Wilko is out of the Essence “I Love Extreme Crazy Volume” mascara, but you can sign up to be notified when it comes back in stock. You can also get the Essence “False Lash Effect Mascara Princess” before it sells out on Amazon.