What is The 1444 Video, Tiktok Users React To The Video

by Sourabh

What is The 1444 Video : TikTok users have been told not to watch the “1444” video, which is known for having disturbing and violent parts. The original video was put on YouTube, and many people think it is cursed.

People have seen a lot of upsetting things on TikTok over the years, and another one has made it there in 2022.

Since millions of people use the popular social media app, it makes sense that it has a wide range of content. But sometimes pictures or videos can make people feel uneasy after they see them.

People have been talking about the most disgusting video, which they call “1444”

What is The 1444 Video ?

Heavy says that the 1444 video first showed up on YouTube. It showed a Russian YouTuber shooting himself to death.

The 17-second video got a lot of attention and spread like wildfire across the platform. But it was taken down quickly.

At the time, a statement from YouTube said, “YouTube has a clear policy that says content that encourages self-harm is not allowed, and we remove videos that don’t follow this policy right away.”

Still, it managed to spread to other social media sites like Reddit, Twitter, and more. Now, people are talking about it on TikTok and telling users not to watch it because it’s scary.

Theories have also grown up around the video that say it is cursed. Many people on social media think that anyone who watches the video will be cursed, and that the only way to get rid of the curse is to post the date you watched the video. It doesn’t look like it’s cursed.

1444 Video Tiktok Users React To The Video

A few posts have been made on the platform to warn other people about the scary things in the video.

One person wrote, “I’m traumatized. Please don’t watch it. Someone else said, “Please don’t do it.”

“I just watched the video and I’m traumatized. I really feel like I need help,” a worried viewer said.

“Don’t watch the PLS “I just saw it, and I’m scared,” said someone else. “I’m sorry,” said someone else.

Users are asked not to look for the clip and to report any videos that break TikTok’s rules and terms.

TikTok users must do the following to report videos:

  1. Click the white arrow to the right of the video, which is the share button.
  2. Tap the icon that looks like a flag and says “report.”
  3. Tell what’s going on

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