What Is Soft & Hard Pity System in Genshin Impact

by Narendra

If you’re new to Genshin Impact, banners can be hard to understand, especially since you have to think about things like soft and hard pity. Don’t worry, though, because the Pity system is there to help you. It basically makes sure that after a certain number of tries, you get the reward you are trying for. So, let’s find out what soft and hard pity are in Genshin Impact with this guide.

What is Soft Pity in Genshin Impact?

Soft Pity is the number of times you have to pull a 5-star banner before you have a better chance of getting the character or a weapon. Banners, the game’s Gacha system, are how you get new characters. The only thing these banners show is how long you have to unlock the character before they change. So, if you want new characters, it all comes down to luck.

Both the Character and Weapon Soft Pity banners start at 70 pulls. But 77 is the real soft Pity. This means that if you try to get a character 70 times, your chances of getting it will get better with each pull.

Don’t forget that soft pity just gives you a better chance of getting the weapon or character. Even after 80 or more pulls, there is still a chance you won’t get it. And that’s where the hard Pity comes in.

What is Hard Pity?

Hard Pity is the number of times you have to pull on a banner to be sure of getting the reward. In Genshin, the Hard Pity for banners is 90. That means you will get the reward on your 90th try, no matter what.

Don’t forget that the Pity system works exactly as described above. The community has noticed it, but it’s not official.

This guide to soft and hard pity in Genshin Impact is over.

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