What Is Shadow Ban Software On Twitter? Release Date & Time

by Narendra

What Is Shadow Ban Software On Twitter? Release Date & Time: Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, said that the microblogging site is working on new software that will let users know if their account has been shadowbanned and how to fix the problem. Here’s a look at what Twitter’s “shadow ban” is all about.

In 2018, Twitter said on its official blog that it does not shadow ban.

But Musk’s most recent tweet has caused a stir on the Internet because many users have said that the site banned their accounts without telling them why.

What Is Shadow Ban Software On Twitter?

According to Twitter, a shadow ban means that you are partially blocked because the platform can make someone’s content hard to find for everyone but the person who posted it, without telling the person who posted it.

Even though users can’t see the shadow ban directly, they can see a drop in engagement and visibility.

What Elon tweet about Shadow Ban Software On Twitter

Today, the CEO of Twitter said that users of the microblogging site will soon have a little more visibility and transparency because the company is working on software that can check if an account has been shadowbanned.

Users will also be able to find out why they are banned and how to appeal the decision.

Musk tweeted, “Twitter is working on a software update that will show your real account status, so you’ll know if you’ve been shadowbanned, why, and how to appeal.”

Old shadowban story

In 2018, Twitter’s head of product, Kayvon Beykpour, and head of legal, Vijaya Gadde, said that the site does not “shadow ban” users. But recently, journalists have said that Twitter does control how visible a user is.

Bari Weiss, who started The Free Press, said, “What many people call “shadow banning,” Twitter executives and employees call “Visibility Filtering,” or “VF.” Multiple high-level sources confirmed what it means.

She also said on Twitter, “Think of visibility filtering as a way to control what people see to different degrees. One of Twitter’s top employees told us, “It’s a very powerful tool.”

In another tweet, Weiss shared what he said was a quote from a Twitter engineer: “We have a lot of control over visibility. And we have a lot of say over how much your content is shared. And most people don’t know how much we do.” This was confirmed by two more Twitter employees.

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