What is Reserve Day For Ipl Final Meaning

by Rajitha Reddy

What is Reserve Day For Ipl Final Meaning: The stage is set for the highly anticipated final clash of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023, where the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) will face off against the Gujarat Titans.

However, there is an unfortunate rain threat looming over this crucial match. The city of Ahmedabad, which is hosting the final, has witnessed rain ahead of the Qualifier 2 match between the Mumbai Indians and Gujarat Titans as well. Fortunately, the rain subsided just in time for that match.

Unlike the playoffs, where rain interruptions can lead to the use of the Duckworth-Lewis method to determine the winner, the IPL final has the advantage of a reserve day. This means that if rain interrupts the proceedings, there is an additional day allocated to ensure the completion of the title-deciding clash.

According to the weather portal AccuWeather, there is a 64% probability of rain in Ahmedabad on the scheduled match day. However, in order to obtain a result, a minimum of a 5-over encounter is necessary. Thankfully, the weather has been mostly favorable throughout the tournament, with only one match in Lucknow being abandoned due to rain.

This final match holds even more significance as it could potentially be the last match for Chennai Super Kings’ captain, MS Dhoni. In the unfortunate event of rain hampering the proceedings, the traveling CSK fans, famously known as the “Yellow Brigade,” would undoubtedly be disappointed.

However, the presence of a reserve day brings a sense of relief to everyone involved, as no one would want such a crucial game to be decided anywhere other than on the field.

What is Reserve Day For Ipl Final Meaning: IPL Final Reserve Day

Every effort will be made to complete the match on the scheduled day itself. In case of rain interruptions, the match can be delayed until 12:26 AM IST (Monday) to try and facilitate a 5-over match on the same night.

However, if playing conditions are still not favorable, the match will resume from the exact same situation on the reserve day, which is May 29 (tomorrow).

If rain prevents any play from happening on the scheduled day, only the toss will take place, and a fresh toss will occur on the reserve day.

Both teams will have the opportunity to make changes to their Playing XI for the rescheduled match. However, once a single ball is bowled, no further changes can be made, and the game will resume from that particular moment only.

On the reserve day, an additional 120 minutes will be added to the timings to accommodate any possible rain delays. If rain persists on the reserve day and even a 5-over match is not feasible, a super over will be played to determine the winner. The latest time for a super over to take place is 01:20 AM IST (Tuesday).

What If the CSK vs. GT IPL 2023 Final Gets Abandoned Due to Rain?

In the event that all the aforementioned scenarios fail, and a super over is not possible due to persistent rain, the Gujarat Titans will be crowned the IPL 2023 champions.

This decision will be based on their top position in the league stage of the tournament, showcasing their consistent performance throughout the season.

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In conclusion, the rain threat hovering over the IPL 2023 final between the Chennai Super Kings and the Gujarat Titans adds an element of uncertainty and tension to the highly anticipated match. However, with the provision of a reserve day and the dedication of the organizers to ensure a fair outcome, cricket fans can remain hopeful for a thrilling contest to determine the worthy champions of this year’s IPL.