What is Pathaan Post Credit Scene ?

by Narendra

Pathaan Post Credit Scene : It’s the day of “Pathaan,” and after four years, Shah Rukh Khan is back on the big screen with a bang.

Some fans were even seen sleeping at the theater to make sure they could see the first show of Pathaan on the first day. If you haven’t seen the movie yet on its first day in theaters, you might not want to keep reading because there are spoilers ahead.

Shah Rukh is in the movie, and there’s also a special moment that brings back the “Karan Arjun” pair. Yes, Salman Khan’s character Tiger (in a cameo) and SRK’s character Pathaan appear together, and fans who are watching the movie in theaters are already sharing videos of the scene.

Live updates from Pathaan: Pathaan Post Credit Scene

Live updates from Pathaan: The new movie starring Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone is in theaters now, and their fans are making sure it has a big opening day.

Pathaan, the movie about Shah Rukh Khan’s return to acting, came out in theaters on Wednesday. Deepika Padukone and John Abraham are also in the movie, and Ashutosh Rana and Dimple Kapadia have small roles. Siddharth Anand is in charge of making the movie. Check out all the latest news about the release as it happens.

Pathaan is being shown on 8000 screens around the world

“UNHEARD OF: ‘PATHAAN’ SHOWS INCREASED, SCREEN COUNT HIGHEST OF ALL TIME [HINDI]… #Pathaan has blown #BO away… Right after the first show, the number of exhibitors went up by 300. There are now 8,000 screens all over the world… “Outside of India, there are 2,500 screens,” said trade analyst Taran Adarsh on Twitter.+

Pathaan Post Credit Scene


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