What is Look Who Died In An Accident?

by Ami Dalsania

What is Look Who Died In An Accident: You should be aware of a new scam going around social media that says “look who died in an accident.”

This month, the phishing scam is everywhere on Facebook Messenger and TikTok. If you get a message like the one above, please don’t click on it.

Criminals often use social media to trick people into giving out sensitive information through phishing scams.

Most of the time, they send messages or emails with links that give them information like passwords and credit card information.

What is Look Who Died In An Accident

Late in 2022, the scam started, but in January 2023, it went viral, and now people all over the world are getting the bad messages.

You get a Direct Message (DM) from a random person who says, “Look who died in an accident, I think you know him,” and then gives you a link to click on.

The message looks like it came from a real Facebook or TikTok user and tells you to click on the link to see if you know the person who died.

Sometimes, the message looks like it’s from a friend, but their account has been hacked or compromised.

Scammers are trying to hack your computer or phone and steal your information if you click on the link.

Malware Tips explains that when you click on the link, the same scam message is sent to your friends without your knowledge.

Beware Look Who Died In An Accident

Many people have used Twitter to warn others about the scam and tell them not to click on the link.

One person wrote, “Wow, there’s a Facebook scam going around that says, “OMG, look who died in an accident! I think you know him:(” Then there’s a link to a site about fishing. “That’s not right.”

“DO NOT OPEN IT if you get a message that says, “Look who died in an accident. I think you know them.” another person.

“It’s a scam. They will get your contact information and send the same message to all your friends. Just a warning.”

A third person said, “This is the creepiest phishing lead I’ve ever seen: ‘Look who died in an accident, I’m so sorry you knew him.’ It came from an obviously hacked Facebook account.”

“Really, really, really messed up that the new Facebook Messenger hack is a message that says “Look who died in an accident” with a fake link, and I keep getting them,” someone else tweeted.

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