What is jockey mean in FIFA 23?

by Ami Dalsania

What is jockey mean in FIFA 23: The term “jockey” is used in FIFA games to describe an advanced way to defend where defenders don’t tackle a striker directly but instead follow them from 3 to 5 meters away to slow down the attack.

Jockeying makes it more likely that you’ll block the ball, and it’s a much better way to defend than “containing.” You can stop your opponent from passing your defenders with the ball.

In FIFA, hold down the L2/LT button to do a jockey move. The defender will quickly move next to the attacker to try to stop them from getting close to the box.

What is jockey mean in FIFA 23?

Jockeying lets defenders cut off strikers’ passes and block their shooting angles.

This way of defending lets the defender face the attacker and put pressure on them. By putting pressure on them, you can get them to make a bad pass, which gives you a chance to pick up the ball.

You can also force the other team to move to areas of the field that are less dangerous for your goalkeeper. By jockeying, you put your defender between the striker and your own goalkeeper.

Another benefit of jockeying is that you can run at the same time.

Defenders use this move to make strikers move to the side or do other skills, like dribbling. Right after an opponent does a skill move is the best time to tackle them.