What is Heatwave memes? UK has reached a scorching 40 degrees

by Ami Dalsania

As the heat gets worse for most Britons in the United Kingdom, memes about heatwaves are becoming popular.

Some parts of the UK have hit 40 degrees this week, which is very hot. The Met Office has put out its first-ever red weather warning because temperatures are rising so quickly. It’s important to stay safe during the very hot summer months.

The weather in the UK has given us some good heatwave memes, whether we’re crazy from the heat or just trying to laugh through the climate crisis. Take a look at the best heat wave memes below to see how people are reacting to the unbearable heat on Twitter.

Heatwave in London

On Tuesday, temperatures will be at their highest. In London, they will be close to 40 degrees, and many places in the north will reach 35 degrees. Paul Davies, who is the head meteorologist at the Met Office, said that the weather will get better after Wednesday. And going back to the high teens in the north and the mid-20s in the south.

But Davies warns that the UK could have another heatwave before the end of the summer. It looks like a lot of Brits will get burned this year!

The Best Heatwave Memes on Twitter