What Is Fafo’s Meaning? Kanye West Is Suspended From Twitter?

by Sourabh

What Is Fafo’s Meaning? Kanye West Is Suspended From Twitter? Elon Musk tweeted “FAFO” when Kanye West was kicked off Twitter for posting a swastika, but what does the abbreviation stand for?

Just hours before he was suspended, the All Falls Down rapper was said to have said “I like Hitler” and posted a Nazi symbol in tweets that are no longer available.

All of this happened after the 45-year-old, who goes by the name Ye, made a series of antisemitic comments that led Addidas to drop him.

Kanye West Is Suspended From Twitter

Elon Musk, who just bought Twitter, said that Ye has been banned from the social media site for “inciting violence.”

Reports say that Ye posted a photo that looked like it showed a swastika inside a Star of David.

The Independent said that Musk and Ye kept arguing through direct messages that Ye sent through Trump’s Truth Social before Ye was suspended.

West is said to have asked SpaceX’s 51-year-old owner, “Who made you the judge?”

Musk then just wrote “FAFO” on Twitter as a response.

What Is Fafo’s Meaning?

Since Musk had the last word, Twitter users have been wondering what the abbreviation means. One person asked, “Do the several thousand people who liked that tweet actually know what FAFO is?”

Urban Dictionary says that FAFO stands for “F**k Around and Find Out.”

Since he posted the abbreviation eight hours ago, it has been retweeted more than 9,000 times, quoted more than 2,500 times, liked more than 125,000 times, and commented on more than 16,000 times.