What Is Dua Lipa Nationality? Dua Lipa Parents?

by Rajitha Reddy

What Is Dua Lipa Nationality? President Bajram Begaj gave Dua Lipa Albanian citizenship on November 27. But what is her real nationality, and where was she born?

Dua has been making music for a long time, and her talent has helped her get a lot of attention in the business.

President Begaj gave the singer Albanian citizenship because he saw how much of a difference she had made.

What Is Dua Lipa Nationality?

What Is Dua Lipa Nationality?

The singer was born in England, so he or she is a British citizen. But both of her parents are from Albania. She has always lived with her parents in the UK, but she has never forgotten her Albanian roots.

The singer has always been proud to be Albanian, and she was given citizenship because her music helped people learn more about the culture.

Dua will now have two passports because British citizens can have more than one citizenship.

Dua Lipa On Albanian Nationality

Dua was happy and proud to become an Albanian citizen, and he told ABC, “I will be an Albanian with papers, too.”

She also said, “It is a joy that can’t be put into words to have so much acceptance, love, and everything.”

Dua’s music has been good for the country for a long time. She co-founded Sunny Hill Foundation in 2016 with her dad.

The duo has helped raise money by putting on concerts in Kosovo every year. People who might be having trouble with money are helped with the money raised at these concerts.

Dua Lipa father and mother Name ?

Capital FM says that Dua’s mother is named Anesa Lipa and works in the tourism industry. Dukagjin Lipa is the name of her father. He is the lead singer of the band Oda! and works in marketing.

Her father has been a big influence on her, and he is one of the main reasons she chose to go into music.

Dua started singing when she was five, and her father taught her how to do it. Her parents left Pristina in 1992. Rina is Dua’s younger sister, and Gjin is her younger brother.

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