What Is Different Dimension Me? How to Use Different Dimension Me?

by Sourabh

Different Dimension Me is a site that uses AI to turn pictures into anime.

Different Dimension Me Launched on the Tencent QQ platform in November 2022, it quickly became popular as social media users used it to make anime images of themselves and other people and characters.

Different Dimension Me is popular in China and other Asian countries. You can use Different Dimension Me on your Android or iPhone phone, your tablet, or your computer.

Also, there are many alternatives to Different Dimension Me, such as Midjourny, DALL-E Mini, Deep Dream Generator, DeepAI, etc.

Each AI-based website has its own way to turn text into images, images into anime, and so on. Also, a lot of people have trouble with Different Dimension Me. Sometimes it doesn’t work or they can’t use it.

In this guide, we’ll talk about Different Dimension Me and how to use it. We’ll also talk about what to do if Different Dimension Me doesn’t work and why.

What Is Different Dimension Me?

Different Dimension Me is a site that uses AI to turn pictures into anime.

Different Dimensions Me turns uploaded pictures, especially portraits of people and characters, into drawings that look like anime.

The result is shown in a short music video that shows the picture that was made. You can upload a picture of yourself, a friend, or a celebrity, and it will make an anime version of the picture.

Most of the time, this means having big eyes, a small mouth, and a small nose. Tencent made the AI platform Different Dimensions Me, which was first used on the QQ platform for instant messaging.

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QQ is like WhatsApp and WeChat, which are popular with young people in China.

When it came out on other social networking sites, the feature was a big hit.

After this was released, the “AI Manga” filter became popular on TikTok. where videos are seen by millions of people.

Different Dimensions Me and the AI Manga filter do the same thing.

How to Get And Use Different Dimension Me?

Steps to Get And Use Different Dimension Me:

  1. Go to https://h5.tu.qq.com/web/ai-2d/cartoon/index.
  2. Tap “,” which means “I also want to play.”
  3. Choose any picture on your device or upload one.
  4. Now, just wait for Different Dimension Me use AI to make a cartoon version of a photo