What Is Alt Z On Spotify? Meaning Explained

by Anchal Thakur

What Is Alt Z Meaning On Spotify? In addition to the most-streamed artists, Spotify Wrapped 2022 shows the music genre you’ve most listened to, and many people are wondering what Alt Z is.

The feature was released on November 30 after much anticipation, and music fans are actively exploring it to learn more about their listening habits.

The slideshow displays your personal statistics, such as songs you’ve liked, average minutes spent on each track, and much more. While the rest of the features appear to be familiar, the diverse range of genres is something that users, particularly Alt Z, have yet to become acquainted with.

What Is Alt Z On Spotify?

What Is Alt Z On Spotify?

Alt Z music is a mash-up of various genres that is not limited to any one. According to The Gamer, it’s “kind of pop, kind of not, kind of sad, kind of upbeat.” It’s ethereal but not a ballad, rhythmic but not a bop.”

Alt Z is one of several genres displayed on Spotify Wrapped 2022, but many users are unsure what it means.

However, seeing the songs listed under Alt-Z helps them understand it better.

Among the artists whose songs fall into this category are Alexa Cappelli, Leyla Blue, Neriah, and Ellise.

By being more fluid with its categorization, Spotify has been exploring more genres with each passing year. Check out your Spotify 2022 Wrapped HERE to see which music genre is at the top of your list.

What Is Alt Z Meaning On Spotify?

After seeing their Spotify Wrapped for 2022, many people had to look up the definition of Alt Z on the internet. Their curiosity was piqued by the unfamiliar genre.

However, when users realized that the genre Alt Z is defined by contrasting emotions and style, they began making jokes about it.

“Spotify said Alt Z was one of my top genres, and honestly, I think they were just gently reminding me that I’ve been kind of depressed,” one user explained.

Another user commented on the above tweet, saying, “Man Spotify is calling me out Alt Z is pop music but sad they’re exposing my depression playlists.”

“My Spotify Wrapped said Alt Z is one of my top genres and I’ve no idea what it is but I looked at Spotify’s Alt Z playlist and it makes sense,” a third tweet stated.