What Is A Sigma Face? Meaning Of The Sigma Face

by Anchal Thakur

What Is A Sigma Face? Meaning Of The Sigma Face : The sigma face seems to be the new favorite expression on TikTok, but what does the look really mean?

If you’ve ever seen someone try to turn in their raised eyebrows while pouting, you’ve probably seen the “sigma face.”

As the phrase spreads through TikTok, we look at what the “sigma face” means and how you can do it yourself.

What Is A Sigma Face?

If you haven’t seen this expression before, it means that your eyebrows are up and your mouth is down. The eyebrows are more like a sad expression, while the way the mouth moves is more like a smug one.

People have said that the face looks like the face-exhaling emoji ( ), which shows how the eyebrows are turned in and the mouth is pouted.

The sigma face became popular on TikTok after a creator named @argenby used it in a video in November of last year. The video has been watched more than 95 million times, and the phrase has become so popular that it has taken over TikTok.

Horror fans who have seen the classic film American Psyco from 2000 may also remember that the character Patrick Bateman, played by Christian Bale, used the same phrase.

@argenby has said that the face is from the movie American Psyco because he has talked about the movie and even dressed up as the character in the past.

Since the first post by the creator, @argenby has kept using the sigma face in other posts. It looks like the expression has also changed into a few different forms.

Meaning Of The Sigma Face?

The sigma face is mostly used as a reaction online, but it seems like its meaning has changed as it has become more popular.

In @argenby’s first video that went viral, the person who made it used this phrase in response to another clip that seemed to show a guy turning down a woman’s advances.

The video had a caption that said “#sigma,” which later became a way to identify the popular expression. Urban Dictionary says that sigma is a type of guy who is powerful, successful, and has his own life.

But in more recent videos, the face seems to mean something different because the creator uses it more to respond to acts of kindness or respect.

@argenby has also mentioned this meaning in videos. For example, in a post about what it means to be a sigma, he said that “respect” is one of the qualities of a sigma.

How To Do The Sigma Face

The TikToker who made the expressions popular on the video-sharing app has told their followers how to perfect them. In a previous upload, @argenby showed how to make the sigma face in three easy steps.

The first step is to make you frown, with the focus on making your eyebrows turn inward. Think of the Dawson meme with the crying face, and you’ll be on the right track.

The next step is to try to keep the same eyebrow position and keep the mouth still. The last step is to smile before saying “oo.” That’s it.

Don’t worry if you can’t get your eyebrows to go down. The creator has a separate video that shows how to do that.

In the video, it shows that you need to first start raising your eyebrows and then angle the inner ones together, making something like the point of a triangle.